National Package
per person
$ 183,72 p/couple
Domestic Flight
per person
$70,00 p/person
National Package
per person
$ 424,97 p/person
National Package
per person
$ 163,21 p/person
per person
per person
Traveler tips

  • Book early. Much cheaper, you can find good promotions and gives you the opportunity to enjoy it more.

  • Investigates. What are the 10 basis you need to know the city where you going? Its important history, iconic locations and delicious dishes.

  • Make a schedule before departing. As you arrive you will not have time to sit calmly decide what to do, and at least realize it, they will be gone their day. Make an estimate of what places they want to visit and plan how to reach them.

  • But you have to be flexible. It's okay if you do not meet to the letter. If they find another attraction that interests them enjoy it too.

  • Do well accounts! When making the budget takes into account: transport (plane, booths, gasoline), meals, gratuities, taxes, extra fees, museum tickets, souvenirs and gifts, and so on. In total, Throw in a percentage for emergencies or carry a credit card for anything.

  • Travel light. Make a list of the essential things you need to take. Be objective and accurate account of changes of clothes. Do not take things that add additional weight on the plane or space in your suitcase. Come back when you shop you'll thank

  • If you're traveling by road, take your car to the service before you to ensure you are in good conditions to travel long hours.

  • Ask! If someone of your friends have visited there place recently, sure you know what restaurants are richer, what other museums worth visiting, and so on.

  • Prepares a playlist. No matter if you travel by plane, truck, car or whatever, the music will be the best partner for this time of reflection and emotion as you reach your destination.

  • Do not forget your camera. Take all the photographs you can and returning home, plus upload them to your social networks, print them. A printed photo album never go out of style and is an excellent detail to those who accompanied you on the trip.